Stockport and District Chess League

Minutes of the Annual Fixtures Meeting, 18th September 2014

1. Attendance and Apologies

Officers present were: J Turner (Chair), I Vaughan (Secretary), P Cattermole (Treasurer), G Laurence (Fixtres Secretary), Reg Clucas (Registrations Secretary and Website Manager), M Tunstall (Grading Officer).

Present (31 from 10 clubs) were:-

Altrincham: S Ward, W Kranz, R Clucas

Chorlton: D Kierman, A Beresford

Denton: S Holt, D Holt, M Furlong, L Maycock.

E. Cheshire: M Heywood, I Vaughan, , P Ramsey, K Hodgson, P Bamford

Holmes Chapel: J Turner , M Hancock.

Macclesfield: R Murphy, G Laurence, P Cattermole.

Marple & District: T Cowling, J Barlow, G Trueman,

Sale & District: A Parry, B Thomas.

Stockport: A Reeve, J Mason, P King, M Tunstall, P Taylor, I Anderson,.

Wilmslow: A Flynn.

Apologies for absence were received from:-

Sean Hewitt (ECF Representative), Neil Dainty.

2. Minutes of the 2013 Fixtures Meeting

The minutes were accepted.

3. Matters arising.


4. Correspondence.

The Secretary reported that replies had been received from three clubs that had recently left the League; two would not be rejoining this year, and one probably not.

5. Rule alterations.

5.1: Rule 25A Player Registration

A minor amendment (G Laurence) to the proposal (R Clucas) was passed unanimously. The amendment was that in section (iii), sentence 1, the words ‘League Secretary’ will be replaced by ‘League Fixtures Secretary’.

This rule will now become (new wording in bold for these Minutes only):

25A Player Registration

i) Before the first match of each year's play in the League and preferably at the Fixtures Meeting, each Club shall supply to the Registration Secretary a list of its players in order of playing strength with their current grades, together with their current ECF membership number for the season, where known. Ungraded players shall be given an estimated grade (to be supplied by the Club and agreed by the Registration Secretary) and placed in the list at a position that reflects the player's playing strength. A club may at any time request the Registration Secretary to revise such an estimated grade if it no longer reflects his true playing strength. If the Registration Secretary agrees he will assign that player an estimated grade which shall be used henceforth to determine board order eligibility. In such cases the club must provide a revised registration order.

ii) If players are new to the League (i.e. players not on website grading list), clubs should also provide their ECF grading code, date of birth, previous club(s) and whether male or female.

iii) Additional players may be registered at any time by notification to the Registration Secretary or, in his absence, the League Fixtures Secretary with the player being registered from the date and time that notification is received. Following the registration of each new player a club must provide a revised registration order in accordance with the principles in 25A i) above.

iv) A club may, at any time, change their registration order by notification to the Registration Secretary provided that it does not place a player who is more than 15 grading points stronger than another player below this latter player.

v) Except for players who have been assigned an estimated grade, ECF grades current at the time of the fixtures meeting shall be used for the purposes of SDCL board order and shall remain in force for the whole of the playing season, irrespective of subsequently published ECF grading lists. Where an estimated grade has been assigned, that grade shall be used for SDCL board order purposes.

5.2 Rule 21 Entries for the playing season

An amendment (I Vaughan) to the proposed change (I Vaughan), about preferring clubs’ details to be sent in by email, was voted for unanimously. This rule will now become:

Rule 21 Entries for the playing season. (Altered section in bold for these Minutes only).

Entries of Teams for the playing season, and Club details to be included in the Handbook, should be made to the League Secretary as soon as possible, preferably before the Annual Fixtures Meeting and by email. Clubs may enter any number of teams. Each team shall have six players unless agreed otherwise at the Annual Fixtures Meeting.

5.3 The proposal (I Vaughan) for a new Rule 21A Changes to Club Details was passed unanimously.

Rule 21A Changes to Club Details

Throughout the year club secretaries must promptly report to the Registrations Secretary or League Secretary any changes to the club’s details, (venue, contact details of the club secretary and team captains, etc.). Club officers and team captains must ensure that the opposing teams for their forthcoming fixtures are aware of these changes.

6. 1 “The Spirit of Chess”

John Turner, President, has written “The Spirit of Chess”, a guide about courtesy and fair play, John explained that he conceived and wrote the document following certain recent examples of poor behaviour, and the issues discussed at the last AGM. The guide is available on the website, and John hoped the guide might be displayed at Clubs, and might in future be included in the Handbook.

6.2 Officers’ roles.

Some guidelines on various Officers’ roles have been produced, in particular to assist newly elected Officers.

7. Updates of club venues, officials, match nights.

Clubs who had not already done so provided the League Secretary with written details for the League handbook.

8. English Chess Federation elections: summary.

ECF Representative Sean Hewitt provided a summary. The meeting decided to ask Sean to vote in the 2014 ECF Elections as he sees fit.

9. Any other business.

9.1 Trophies. The meeting strongly felt that clubs and individuals who have won trophies should clean them before returning them at the AGM.

9.2 The Stockport Rapidplay will be on 25 January 2015.

9.3 Christmas Lightning Tournament. Stockport CC invite entries by Monday 22 December 2014 to their Christmas Lightning tournament to be held on Tuesday 23 December 2014. See website for details.

Fixtures business:-

10. Divisions for 2014-2015 season. Confirmation of teams in divisions and Limit League.

There was much discussion as to the composition of the divisions, following which the meeting voted unanimously, albeit reluctantly, for three main divisions each with six clubs, but with Macclesfield B unfortunately foregoing promotion. Many felt that this was an exceptional situation, and should not form a precedent. The President asked that the situation with Macclesfield B be noted, and particularly considered should the same situation arise at the next AFM.

It was decided unanimously that Division 3 Teams would once again be of five players.

The five Limit League Captains decided by a majority of 3 to 2 that each club would play other clubs three times, and Geoff Laurence as Fixtures Secretary decided for each club which opponents they would play at home twice.

11. Draws for The Charnley Cup and The President’s Cup took place.

12. Setting of match fixtures by club representatives took place.