Stockport and District Chess League

Minutes of the Annual Fixtures Meeting, 23 September 2015

1. Attendance and Apologies

Officers present were: J Turner (Chair), P Cattermole (Treasurer), G Laurence (Fixtures Secretary), Reg Clucas (Registrations Secretary and Website Manager),

Total Present (26 from 10 clubs) were:-

Altrincham: S Ward, W Kranz, R Clucas

Chorlton: D Kierman, A Beresford

Denton: D Holt, T.Hilton

E. Cheshire: M Heywood, P Ramsey, K Hodgson, P Bamford

Holmes Chapel: J Turner , M Hancock.

Macclesfield: R Murphy, G Laurence, P Cattermole, M. Renshaw

Marple & District: T Cowling, G Trueman, N.Dainty,

Sale & District: J.Hennessy, P.Ning

Stockport: J Mason, A.Reeve, I Anderson,.

Wilmslow: A Flynn.

No apologies for absence were received.

2. Minutes of the 2014 Fixtures Meeting

The minutes were accepted.

3. Matters arising.

There were no matters arising.

4. Matters from AGM – Appointment of League Secretary

N. Dainty of Marple volunteered to carry out the office of League Secretary. The President thanked him for accepting this position and welcomed him to the Committee

5. Updates of club venues, officials, match nights.

There were no changes to the above offered by any club during the meeting, although it is likely that some changes will required to website details.

6. Divisions for 2015-2016 season. Confirmation of teams in divisions and Limit League.

There was some discussion as to the composition of the divisions, following which the meeting voted by majority for three main divisions with seven clubs in Division 1, six in Division 2, and seven in Division 3. Division 1 has Chorlton, Denton, East Cheshire, Holmes Chapel, Macclesfield, Marple and Stockport. Division 2 has Altrincham A, Denton B, East Cheshire B, Macclesfield B, Marple B, and Stockport B. Division 3 has Altrincham B, East Cheshire C, Macclesfield C, Marple C, Sale, Stockport C and Wilmslow.

There are six teams in the Limit League this year and will play each other twice (Altrincham, Denton, East Cheshire, Macclesfield, Marple, Stockport)

Fixtures business:-

7. Draw for The Charnley Cup

This was done by the drawing of lots

8. Draw for The President’s Cup

This was done by the drawing of lots

9. Setting of match fixtures by club representatives

This was done and the fixtures handed to the Fixtures Secretary.