Stockport and District Chess League

Minutes of the Annual Fixtures Meeting,

21st. September 2017

The Ladybrook, Fir Road, Bramhall, SK7 2 NP

  1. Attendance and apologies.

Officers present: John Turner (Chair), Geoff Laurence (Fixtures Secretary), Reg Clucas (Registrations Secretary and Website Manager), Neil Dainty (Secretary) Sean Hewitt (ECF Representative) Mike Tunstall (Treasurer)

Others Present ( 23 from 10 clubs) :-

Altrincham: Vijay Kakarparthi, Steve Ward

Chorlton: David Kierman

Denton: see apologies

East Cheshire: Paul Bamford, Myles Heywood, Keith Hodgson, Steve Kelly

Holmes Chapel: Ian Bates

Macclesfield: Richard Murphy, Mick Renshaw, Robert Shaw

Marple & District: Terry Cowling, Glenn Trueman, Jeff Barlow,

Sale & District: John Hennessy, Neil Oddie, Anthony Hunt

Stockport: Gareth Griffiths, Andy Reeve, Jeff Mason, Ian Anderson

Urmston: John Reyes

Wilmslow: Colin Mills

Apologies Received: Denis Owen, Stan Foulkes and David Holt who also apologised for not being able to send another representative

  1. Minutes of 2016 Annual Fixtures Meeting.

The minutes were accepted.

  1. Matters arising.

There were no matters arising.

  1. Matters arising from the 2017 AGM

a) Appointment of ECF representative.

The President invited Sean and John to each make a brief statement to members.

Sean said he had been the League's representative for five or six years and is also an ex-ECF director; therefore he is able to influence decisions to the benefit of SDCL.

John said that he had only missed one meeting, due to illness, in the last four years. He is also the ECF silver delegate representative.

There were seven votes for each of them from delegates and three votes for Sean and one for John from officers. Sean Hewitt was therefore re-elected (10-8).

b) ECF League Management System and Fixtures Generation (update)

Reg Clucas gave a summary of the ECF league management software and explained that he made recommendations that should make it suitable to use next year.

C) Limit League Grading – proposal to change rule 42ii

Current wording - Teams will be made up of 4 players graded less than or equal to 120 at the start of the season with a team total grade limited to 400.

Proposed new wording – as above.....with a team total grade limited to 420.

Keith Hodgson told the meeting of his experience as Limit League captain for East Cheshire. Last year he had a small but usually adequate number of eligible players but on some occasions he could not field a team who fell below the required total. He was aware that other clubs had told him they had the same problem and reminded everyone that the purpose was to provide experience for low-graded players.

There was a lively discussion all of which reflected enthusiasm for the Limit League and a proposal from David Kierman to raise the limit to 470, but this was not seconded.

The vote to raise the limit to 420 was carried by seven votes to six.

  1. Proposal to change rule 25C(ii) (R. Clucas)

Current wording -Any player for whom a current ECF membership number is not provided shall be charged to their club at £2 per game played.
Proposed new wording – Any player who is not an ECF member and, notwithstanding 25C(i), plays more than 3 games, shall be charged to their club at the prevailing ECF Bronze membership rate.

Reg explained this was a formality to bring us in line with change to ECF rules. It was carried with seventeen votes in favour and none against.

  1. Summer Rapidplay (P. Taylor)

Another successful season and nothing to discuss.

  1. Updates of club venues, officials, match nights.

No changes reported but some clubs were reminded to confirm their details on the website are correct.

  1. Divisions for 2017-2018 season. Confirmation of teams in divisions and Limit League.

The Fixtures Secretary said there was one extra team, Stockport D, who should play in Division C. One team would be relegated and one promoted as normal. This was accepted.

  1. Any other business.

John Turner started a discussion about child welfare and various points were made

The President also reminded the members that he would be stepping down at the AGM after five years in the role.

  1. Draw for The Charnley Cup.

The draw was made.

  1. Draw for The President’s Cup.

The draw was made.

  1. Setting of match fixtures by club representatives.

Geoff Laurence had drawn up draft fixtures which he gave to clubs to discuss. This proved to be a great success with only a small number of alterations made. Geoff was thanked enthusiastically for his effort. Clubs were asked to notify Geoff of cup fixture and Limit League dates.

The President closed the meeting.