Stockport and District Chess League 


Registered Players for 2018-2019 Season

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Registration of players must be received by the Registration Secretary before players are used in a match.

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Explanation of data

The ECF Ref, Grade, Cat(egory) (other than Z or N) are taken from the current ECF grading list which is available online.
Category Z means that s/he is ECF registered but does not have an official ECF grade. The estimated grade could be an ECF calculation based on a small number of games or an estimate/overwrite by the club.
Category N means that s/he is not ECF registered and a grade has been estimated by the club (or the Grading Officer).
Category "?" means that the Category (N or Z only) is not yet clear.
For ECF registration a date of birth is required. This will not be published on the website.
Estimated grades for N and Z are for ‘current performance’ only and do not affect ECF gradings.

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