Stockport and District Chess League 


Registered Players for 2019-2020 Season

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Registration of players must be received by the Registration Secretary before players are used in a match.

New ECF January grades are now shown - however, for the purposes of board order and Limit League eligibility, grades in the SoS (Start of Season) column should be used throughout the season. The January grade is only used for players whose SoS category was F, or estimated (category N or Z). For these players, the January grades replace the SoS grades in the table, and are marked with *.

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Explanation of data

The ECF Ref, Grade, Cat(egory) (other than Z or N) are taken from the current ECF grading list which is available online.
Category Z means that s/he is ECF registered but does not have an official ECF grade. The estimated grade could be an ECF calculation based on a small number of games or an estimate/overwrite by the club.
Category N means that s/he is not ECF registered and a grade has been estimated by the club (or the Grading Officer).
Category "?" means that the Category (N or Z only) is not yet clear.
For ECF registration a date of birth is required. This will not be published on the website.
Estimated grades for N and Z are for 'current performance' only and do not affect ECF gradings.

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