Stockport and District Chess League 


Last results update 21st November 2018

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Latest News

Team Captains - A reminder that BOTH team captains should submit results within two days of the match being played. This helps to resolve errors when the captains have differing versions of the result, which happens surprisingly frequently!

Limit League eligibility - Some clubs occasionally have difficulty putting out a team within the 420 total grade limit (rule 42ii). If this happens, team captains are asked to play their four lowest graded available players, rather than just turning up with three players. Board 4 would be scored as a default as far as the League is concerned, but the actual over the board result of the game would still be submitted for grading. This ensures that no one misses out on getting a game.

Fixtures Meeting minutes added.

Fixtures published. There are likely to be some changes as some clubs were unable to attend the Fixtures Meeting. Please advise the Fixtures Secretary promptly of any changes, so he does not have to chase up results of matches which have not yet taken place, and to allow this website to be kept up to date.

Divisions for the 2018-19 season can be seen on the Cross Tables page. Fixtures will be published soon after the Fixtures Meeting on 19th September. Results for 2017-18 are now in the History/Archive section.