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Last results update 23rd August 2019

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Latest News

Stockport Aces have won the Rapidplay League with a 100% record.

Rapidplay League fixtures published.

All matches are now complete. Congratulations to Stockport B, who had actually clinched the Division 2 championship before last night's win at Altrincham.

Geoff Laurence sends the following message - "A big thank you from me to all those captains who sent their results in promptly this year. This was the overwhelming majority and it eases my load immensely not having to chase results."

Both cup finals were played last night and both were won by Stockport - the 3rd consecutive year for the Charnley Cup, and 4th consecutive year for the President's Cup.

The Summer Rapidplay league will run again this year, starting in June. Clubs wishing to enter should inform Peter Taylor at or before the League AGM on May 22nd.

Congratulations to Stockport's Limit League team who have won the division.

Congratulations to Worsley who have won Division 3 in their first season.

Congratulations to Chorlton who are Division 1 champions.

Corrected version of Stockport Rapidplay Results.

Stockport Rapidplay
Report and Results.

The Stockport Rapidplay will be held on Sunday 27th January 2019. Click
here for details and an entry form.

Final results update for 2018. Best wishes for the holiday period to all Stockport League players.

Andy Jenkins' funeral will be at the Rowan Chapel, Stockport Crematorium at 1pm on Wednesday December 5th and afterwards at the Wycliffe Hotel, Edgeley.

Andy Jenkins - We are sad to report that Andy Jenkins of Marple Chess Club has passed away. Glenn Trueman has written a piece about Andy which you can read on the
Marple website.

Stockport CC are holding their annual Buzzer Tournament at the Ladybrook Hotel on Tuesday 18th December. Click here for details.

Team Captains - A reminder that BOTH team captains should submit results within two days of the match being played. This helps to resolve errors when the captains have differing versions of the result, which happens surprisingly frequently!

Limit League eligibility - Some clubs occasionally have difficulty putting out a team within the 420 total grade limit (rule 42ii). If this happens, team captains are asked to play their four lowest graded available players, rather than just turning up with three players. Board 4 would be scored as a default as far as the League is concerned, but the actual over the board result of the game would still be submitted for grading. This ensures that no one misses out on getting a game.

Fixtures Meeting minutes added.

Fixtures published. There are likely to be some changes as some clubs were unable to attend the Fixtures Meeting. Please advise the
Fixtures Secretary promptly of any changes, so he does not have to chase up results of matches which have not yet taken place, and to allow this website to be kept up to date.

Divisions for the 2018-19 season can be seen on the Cross Tables page. Fixtures will be published soon after the Fixtures Meeting on 19th September. Results for 2017-18 are now in the History/Archive section.